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  • Web based SMS Gateway: login into your account from anywhere
  • No Software to install, cross browser and tablet compliant
  • Send SMS to over 220 Countries at the same rate
  • Prepaid or postpaid, the more you send the less you pay
  • NEW: Salesforce integration (link your contacts and campaigns)
  • Email to SMS
  • Create templates & personalise your messages
  • Create campaigns for low cost effective marketing
  • Schedule your messages and campaigns
  • Create custom Groups (eg by age, gender, postcode etc.)
  • Import/Export your contacts
  • Set message limits for each user
  • Receive messages (two-way), automatic unsubscribe
  • Register your mobile as a sender ID to get replies back to your handset
  • Communicate with over 5 billion mobile subscribers globally.
  • 90% of SMS's are read within 15 minutes.
  • Text messaging is the most widely used mobile data service on the planet.
  • According to Gartner, Australians are sending more than 10 billion SMS's per year.
  • A standard text message is 160 characters. All providers charge extra for messages exceeding 160 characters.
  • Men communicate via text more than women but send shorter messages and are more likely to text about practical matters rather than relationships.